About Carpe Diem Innovative School – Westwood

Carpe Diem is looking for qualified substitute teachers!  Please email our Principal for more information:  Valerie.Robertson@CarpeDiemSanAntonio.com

Carpe Diem schools combine a rigorous digital curriculum with instruction led by highly-effective teachers and additional support from coaches. Our students learn through a combination of in-classroom, online, and internship and advisory experiences. Our students learn in a small, safe campus featuring a relationship-driven atmosphere to help them seize the day and make the most of each day’s educational opportunities.

Beyond teaching the traditional academic standards, our commitment includes teaching students the core skills of grit and determination. Ultimately, grit and determination combine to form a critically important and powerful life skill: motivation.

At Carpe Diem, we believe a motivated student is going to be a successful student. Teaching students to be hard working and motivated is no small task. It requires mountains of support, continuous feedback, and, most importantly, a huge commitment from the student and family. This commitment requires trust.

The student has to trust that the school won’t limit his/her growth or potential. A student hitting a “ceiling” because she has already mastered the material will quickly become disengaged; most of us have probably experienced that feeling in our educational or professional careers. One key advantage of Carpe Diem is that motivated students are given both the freedom and the support they need to continue accelerating in all areas of their lives.


To learn more or take a tour of Carpe Diem Innovative School – Westwood, please call 210.774.9284.