Student Life at Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem means “Seize the Day” and that’s what our students, teachers and families do every day inside of our school. We make the most of each day’s learning opportunities.

We educate with knowledge, equip with character and empower students for college, career and life.

Our students are well educated with knowledge and the skills necessary for long-term life success. We empower students with the character necessary to put their education to productive, moral use in their lives and communities. Finally, we equip students for life by providing attention to health and wellness, capacity to be productively employed, skills necessary to fully engage in business and community life and ability to successfully pursue a higher education.

Carpe Diem Innovative Schools educate students with an innovative mastery, project-based learning model, which combines a rigorous digital curriculum with instruction led by highly effective licensed teachers and individualized support from personal coaches. Our students learn in small, safe campuses featuring a relationship-driven atmosphere to help them seize the day and make the most of each day’s educational opportunities.

By operating on a mastery based system, we focus on what a student knows and understands instead of placing a child in a classroom based on age. Our students are assessed to identify their current instructional levels and then an Individual Learning Plan is created to place each scholar in courses to accelerate learning to maximize his or her full potential.

Students are met at their instructional level to build competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. Instead of having to wait for a classroom of peers, students are rewarded with being able to move on to meet career and educational goals. Accelerated goals are set for maximum productivity and progress is tracked in real time. Specifically, we are able to monitor data and keep track of each students’ progress. Based on the data, we can tailor specific projects and lessons or provide additional support or resources.

In the classroom, our teachers utilize project-based learning – allowing students to investigate and solve complex real world issues, challenges and problems. Through this dynamic educational style, students learn while focusing on their personal interests by working hands on with community organizations and businesses to gain deeper knowledge. Research proves project-based learning increases the understanding of subjects, improves communication skills, enhances leadership proficiencies and heightens global readiness.

Independently, students complete a portion of their curriculum online using Edgenuity. By working online at their own pace, students are able to advance quickly or receive additional support in specific areas to truly master content. Additionally, students are able to work anytime and anywhere Internet access is available. Historically, Carpe Diem students average completion of two years of curriculum in just one school year.

Our students are expected to earn a Carpe Diem diploma and must successfully demonstrate the following:

  • Academic achievement in math, English/language arts, science and social studies
  • Career maturity defined by creating an effective post high school educational plan
  • Financial literacy assessed via a national program
  • Physical fitness and wellness habits consistent with personal life goals and family values
  • Community service participation
  • Responsibility demonstrated by strong attendance and course completion

Our students are able to participate in dual credit opportunities and also internships. With close proximity to leading universities, colleges and companies, students gain real world experience during college level courses and internships.

Ultimately, we strive to educate with knowledge, empower with character and equip students for life.

Having a well-rounded educational experience includes student clubs. We often partner with community organizations and businesses to provide the ultimate experience. Students also have the ability to create their own club by simply creating an outline, obtaining 20 student signatures and securing a staff sponsor.

  • High School Prep Student Council
  • High School Student Council
  • Game Club
  • Chess Club
  • Photography Club
  • Japan Club
  • Writing Club

16-17 Student & Parent Handbook